Name: Gunnar "Biggest Dickess" Aronsson

Age: 20

Place of Birth: Viking "Capital" Jorfsdarl

Parents: Bjarke & Some-Random-Gal

Current Occupation: Servant of the King

Description: Gunnar was a tall man, as was most vikings, standing at six foot four inches. Though young, he was still two hundred and forty pounds of pure muscle and tattoos; the one of which brought him the most pride was the tree of life which he rooted onto his chest. He had a shaved head and a beard that seemed to flow and blend into the upper branches of his tattoo. Light scar tissue riddled it's way throughout the young vikings body, he had seen many battles and bore souvenirs from most of them. Though Gunnar was strong and brutish like most vikings, his deep brown eyes gave a sense of wisdom. Gunnar knew that not every fight could be won with fists, but strong enough to if it had to be he could easily.

Additional Notes: Gunnar was always seen as different in the viking community as he would usually think about things before he acted upon them. This is not to say that he always knew what to do or what the outcome would be, but he always made sure his actions made sense to him based on the situation at hand. As time went on, and Gunnar grew up, be looked to become more sad or put off to the viking way. He felt an emptiness that he didn't understand. Where the rest of the vikings killed for their way of life, Gunnar killed because he was told to and because of this did not put in his full effort in most battles. Bjarke was usually the only person that could notice this, but said nothing in hopes that it was simply due to his youthful mind.

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