Name: Arengar the Unknown

Age: 34

Place of Birth: Holy City of Nazaria

Parents: Leodise & Isabel

Current Occupation: Servant of the King

Description: Arengar had deep peircing blue eyes that felt like pits that lead straight to his past. Some say while looking him in the eyes they can feel the sorrow that is trapped in his heart. The fourteen years on the streets took it's toll on Arengars hansom nobleman's features, covered only by the curtain of raven black hair that flowed down to his shoulders. A noble this man once might have been, but one would not be able to tell by looking at him. His body, instead of being smooth and void of work, has been strained and is rippled with muscle and light scar tissue. For some reason, these features made him slightly mysterious rather than revolting.

Additional Notes: Arengar was bread to be a diplomat and a financial expert; This is what his family had done for generations before him and what was expected to continue. After the fall of his family, Arengar took to the streets and did whatever he had to to survive. He was taken in by a mysterious man and taught the ways of a rogue. Arengar's life would be changed forever as he donned his rags and torn cloak; he would learn how to be a thief. Arengar did this for fourteen years, ten of which he spent working with his mentor, and had built up a system of knowledge and informants as well as associates he would use to succeed in his new life.

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